Monday, December 28, 2009

Backyard Chickens

I mentioned chicken photos in a previous post but forgot to add them. These chickens are living in temp digs out back. After bringing the first six baby chicks home the lady from Recla Ranch called to say they were placing a last order for chicks, did I want more? The big coop out front has room so we ordered two Buff Orpingtons and Two Easter Eggers (blue egg layers). I always thought the Orps were nice looking chickens and they will raise a brood from eggs. Sounded fun to have blue/green eggs from the Eggers. Long story short..... one of the E. Eggers turned out to be a rooster. He was growing faster and his rose comb was very prominent. When we heard crowing from his pen we knew.
Anyway, here is Iggy with his three girls. He started out white with a few black dots, look at him now. The E. Egger hen is a red with huge ear muffs. So far Iggy is a nice rooster with a deep trumpet crow (very loud). LOL The girls won't be expected to lay eggs for at least another two months, right now they enjoy taking dust baths and pecking around.
As of yesterday the hens from the older group have given us 9 eggs in ten days. I think it is the two Rhode Island Reds. This morning DH found two eggs in one basket. I had checked earlier but it was empty.