Thursday, December 13, 2018

It's Feeling Like Christmas

Such a cozy feeling in this room. I love the Angel floating over that beautiful rustic door.  
Wonder whose home this is and how cold is it outside ........

Sunday, December 2, 2018

DECEMBER 2018 !!!

Didn't want to believe it's December 2018 already.  But reality hit. So here is the first Dec. 2018 photo from Olde Weeping Cedar on FB.

Romeo in his new digs. This shelter was built for Taxi but Romeo needs it more.  There is a large attached paddock.
This stall is draft mule size. Rubber stall mats for comfort. Romeo looks tiny in there.

Romeo was loosing weight being in a group with Taxi and Dreamer.  They all got along together in their front field.

And they got along in the back field.

Romeo is just a slow eater and wasn't getting his share.
It's cold weather this week in SE Arizona.  Makes me miss the summer heat.  Taxi and old Moose enjoyed being under the mesquites to eat their hay.
Tonight old Moose is getting a blankie cuz it's gonna freeze.
He needs his calories to keep weight on, not burn them to stay warm.
On the quilting front..... I got nuthin.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Living Under A Rock ?

Who, me ?  Am I the last quilter to stumble across this pattern?  Today I saw a wonderful quilt on FB with the bird blocks set in an Irish Chain.  Pinterest has lots of the bird blocks in so many colors, so many ideas.  Pattern is on its way from Amazon.  I hope to make some of these bird blocks next year.

More about Taxi, our Belgian draft mule.  He is a sweet soul but always on guard. Photo below is his first morning with us.  We kept him in the round pen for a 30 day quarantine.

Taxi shipped from a kill pen in LA, a two day haul.  In these photos he still has the pen lot tag around his neck.  In the past year we have learned about mules, still so much to understand. 
Taxi was a working mule.  We know he was used as a pulling mule and I bet someone rode him once in a while.  Once haltered he is all business.  He stands tied and I have easily saddled him. The Aussie saddle actually fits Taxi (mules are hard to fit).
This big guy is a hoot.
Will I ever get used to a mule spying on us ? 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy Monday, everyone!
Hope your day is beautiful.
(Image from Old Weeping Cedar on FB)

This guy is a secret I've been keeping.  Belgian Draft Mule from a slaughter lot.  Said to be an Amish mule, worked hard until he broke.  Yes, we are trying to fix his brokenness, he suffers from sidebone and walks with a limp.  Very big he is, 68 inches at top of shoulder, tree trunk legs.  I don't think he ever knew affection but this old lady is pouring it on.  Oh, his name is Taxi. 

Perusing thru a stack of quilt magazines and saw this on the back of one.  Wow, right up my alley !  Fabric collection from 2017, Wild and Free by Northcott, pattern is Spirited Stars.  I was able to find the panels and four of the fabrics, the rest will come from my stash.  Excited to start this but Ill make myself finish a UFO first. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sharing from Old Weeping Cedar. Her photography is on FB every morning.
Missing everyone here in Blogland. I do check almost every day to see what wonderful things you are up to. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Prayers for All to Have a Blessed Thanksgiving