Sunday, May 30, 2021

Memorial Day 2021

The Missing Man Table When you see the table of the ones who have not returned, this is what it means. Please take a moment to respect those it represents. •The Cloth is White- symbolizing the purity of their motives when answering the call to serve. •The Single Red Rose- reminds us of the lives of these Americans, and their loved ones and friends who keep the faith, while seeking answers. •The Yellow Ribbon- symbolizes our continued determination to account for them. •A Slice of Lemon- reminds us of the bitter fate of those captured and missing in a foreign land. •A Pinch of Salt- symbolizes the tears of our missing and their families who long for answers after decades of uncertainty. •The Lighted Candle- reflects our hope for their return- Alive or Dead •The Bible- represents the strength gained through faith in our country, Founded as One Nation Under God, to sustain those lost from our midst. The Glass is Inverted- to symbolize their inability to share a toast. •The Chair is Empty- They Are Missing. Memorial Day 2021

Monday, May 24, 2021

Blooming in Arizona

Pretty little wild growing paddle cactus near the wire fence.
Pink ones are growing under mesquite bushes in the horse field.
Cute little round ground hugger.
Our backyard was finally landscaped last fall. I transplanted some wild cactus in a center planter. They made it thru winter and bloomed this spring. This double was growing in the front horse field.
Transplanted into planter, they bloomed !
Above ground this type is deceptive, the underneath root is huge and cone shaped. Had no idea until they were dug up. This one made red fruit, tastes like a tomato.
Over the years I have learned to embrace the desert. There is beauty in an arid region.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Blogger sure has changed since I've been gone. My laptop crashed, DH fixed it but it changed too. Hard to find photos to post here (or anywhere else for that matter). I'll try to post some pics of my Tiny Houses from trading with a group on Face Book. The group is still trading, new people always joining so it could go on for a long while. These are houses I traded to others.
Selecting colors was fun.
These are two I mostly traded. Two fit in a biz size envelope with one stamp. I must have constructed a hundred and became tired if the fabrics ! But two different house were traded back to me so it was worth it. Blue and orange TH was to represent my state, Arizona (fabric is Sedona Sunset by Connecting Threads). The "candy" TH was a fun print found on eBay, everyone liked it.
I'm no longer trading TH's. Want to sew a few more from my own fabrics and finish my quilt.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

To Blog Or Not To Blog

 Ha ha, guess I'll blog again. No idea for how long.

At this time in life I hope you and yours are well. I really mean that.

Life didn't change much for us in 2020.  I stayed home (mostly), husband did grocery runs
and other necessary errands. 
And that's about all I wish to speak of it.

Thursday, January 2, 2020


Oiy, Am I Late or What  ?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Boo !

I'm down for now, had oral surgery.   Just wanted to say- have a safe night if you go out (or stay in like us).